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Content Analysis

"Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go"

Content analysis is nothing but "a research technique for the objective, systematic, and quantitative description of manifest content of communications". An ideal research tool Content analysis focused on the quality of the content.

In simple word, content analysis is the tool to determine the presence of certain words, concepts, subjects, phrases or sentences within texts while quantifying their presence in a rather objective manner.

Content analysis is indeed the most important part of content writing and rewriting services. We offer content analysis services to take care of your every specific and generic need of your online content need. We can analyse any content and prepare professional reports for you to let you know the loopholes and gaps where your content needs professional touch ups.

After content analysis if we feel that the content needs a thorough revamping then our professional content writers rewrite the content from scratch in accord to the basics of content creation. Our content Analysis and rewriting the content lets the brain focus on improving versus creating. Our group of dedicated content analysers and content writers with their seamless effort makes every content analysis and rewriting an icon of aesthesia

Here is the list what we do while analysing the content

We examine the text: Before rewriting we examine the text thoroughly as we try to determine if there is a mood or emotion conveyed. We then pinpoint the mood and search for the best words to enhance the feeling.

We narrow down the style and technique: We try to determine the style of the content we analyse. We ponder on the following facts:

Here is the list what we do while analysing the content

  • Are sentences short or long?
  • Is the content very concise?
  • Did the writer use a specific strategy?

We verify the content structure: Few things which we look to verify the content structure are as follows:

  • Is the headline catchy and effective?
  • Do the content match with the title?
  • Are there enough paragraph breaks?
  • Does the conclusion wrap things up nicely?
  • Finally is the text well optimized?

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At content Writers India we offer content analysis services to cater your specific and generic content need.
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